Car Rental Faq's

At Supreme Sports Car Rentals, we believe in doing business in a fair and honest manner. Please feel free to view our terms and conditions as we want to ensure that your rental experience is a positive one and the conditions of renting are fair and unbiased.

Standard Rental Conditions

1Driver / Hirer
When you rent one of our vehicles, you can not lend or allow anyone else to drive the vehicle unless their name and details appear on the rental agreement. This would result in the insurance being void for the entire rental period of which you as the hirer, would be personally responsible for any damages. It is however possible for you to arrange and pay for the reservation of the vehicle however, details of the actual driver must be provided. The driver will also be required to sign the rental agreement.
2Age Restrictions
Each vehicle on our website clearly states the minimum age of the driver. Should a driver be under the stated age for the vehicle being rented, the vehicle insurance is void for the entire rental period.
3Road Tolls
To avoid paying for toll fines and administration charges, it is important that you advise us if you will be using any tolls during your rental period. We can arrange daily toll passes where you are charged to your nominated credit card for tolls which are used by you. Should you go through tolls without this pass, you would be charged for the tolls plus an administration fee of $25.00 per toll.
4Speeding / Traffic Offences/ Tracking System
Due to the many high performance cars of vehicles we have available for rent, we understand that you may want to test acceleration and responses. We do not however condone usage of our vehicles for excessive speeding on public roads. Such driving behavior not only becomes a risk to the public and other drivers, it also dramatically increases the risk to other road users. As our cars have tracking systems which immediately alert us of how the car is being driven, continuous speeding may result in the car being disabled and your rental maybe immediately void. We want you to enjoy driving our cars but not where it is a risk to the public or us. In some cases of excessive speeding you may be issued a company penalty for offence.

In 50 / 60 km Zones (Extreme high risk):
20km over - $500.00
30 & over - $1,500.00 - penalty plus immediate loss of security bond and car disablement

In 100 / 110 km Zones
20km over $800.00
30 & over $1,800.00 - immediate loss of security bond and car disablement

Just remember, there could be a police mobile radar or highway patrol anywhere and any time. The Police could also request for driver information relating to traffic offences.

5Acceptable Use
  • All cars can only be driven on sealed public roads as specified by our insurance.
  • Driving on unsealed roads voids your insurance and is at your own personal risk.
  • At no time can our cars be driven on public or private race tracks.

Security Bonds

1Security Bond Value
As security bond is required as stipulated by insurance companies. The value of the security bond is completely dependent on the car you are wanting to rent. Usually the value of the bond is equivalent to the value of the insurance excess.
2Security Bond Refunds
Upon return of the vehicle, we process your security bond refund within 48 hours to your credit card or nominated bank account. All refunds must be made by the same method that it was originally paid by you. There are certain circumstances which could affect the period of your refund. Each of our vehicles are fitted with the latest GPS tracking systems which monitor your driving during your rental. This includes speed, harsh cornering (turning in an unsafe manner), harsh braking and acceleration. If you return the vehicle where we have not received any alerts from the vehicle tracker and there is no evident damages to the vehicle, your refund is guaranteed to be processed within 48 hours. Should an alert be received from the vehicle's tracker during your rental, the refund maybe delayed up to 21 days to ensure that there are not any pending fines and the vehicle will be thoroughly checked for excess wear and tear.
3Refund Deductions
If you rent a car and there are damages evident, the following procedures are followed to ensure that the solution is fair to both you and our company. In the event where the damage cost exceeds the security bond value, there would not be any refund. This would mean that we have had not choice but to process an insurance claim with our insurer of which the security bond will be used to pay for the insurance excess fee. Where the repair cost is less than the security bond, the total repair cost shall be deducted from the security bond. Should damages such as panel, interior or glass damage be evident, you maybe liable for the days that the vehicle is off the road (non rentable) until the repairs are completed. A copy of the repairer invoice shall be provided and a refund of the security bond balance shall be processed. Refunds in this case are usually processed within 7 days of you returning the vehicle.