Getting To Know Who We Are

Supreme Sports Car Rentals is Australia's only national partner network consisting of the top quality sports and luxury car rentals companies in each state of Australia. All of our partners have been selected for their honesty, transparency and excellence in customer service.

You can be confident for a fresh rental experience from Supreme Sports Car Rentals and its' partners. With more than 21 years of specialised experience in the car rental industry with honesty and customer service being our major priority! Join our growing family of satisfied customers and enjoy the confidence and experience which we provide.

Our company was founded by Vincent Borg who was the original founder of Sports Car Rentals Online in 2004. He has embedded integrity, transparency and empathy into our company foundations and core procedures to ensure every aspect abides by moral principles. The level of service has been emulated from the past which met the standards of past clients such as George Michael, Jay-Z, UFC and many sheiks and Princes from Dubai and Bahrain.


We provide the ability to rent luxury, sports cars and supercars anywhere in Australia from one single source including relocations to ensure that you rent the car that you want.

The most comprehensive selection of sports and luxury cars in Australia

Should you be wanting to hire a specific car which is located in a different state, we can arrange for your chosen car to be transferred to your nearest location. Of course this would be only applicable due to rental period criteria and budget.